Medisoft Support &Training

15 minutes of free tech support the first telephone call each month if you are on the current version of Medisoft (with any purchase of $500 or more).

We will work with you on a one-on-one basis over the telephone. We will help you set up your patient statements, HCFAs and any special reports that you need. I will take you step-by-step from the conversion to end-of-month reports, I can show you tips and enhancements that we have discovered from working with Medisoft for the past 15 years.

DOS users:
Remember that the conversion process is very important. Please let me help.

Installation and Set-up
Installing software and configuring network for software. Registration of software (by request). All computers must be in working condition and have a CD drive.

System Set-up
Recommendation of use of fields and files in current or new system. Formatting of forms, lists, reports, and statements. Report generation to meet required needs of owner and support staff including accountants and bookkeepers.

Instructing staff in data entry, billing and report production and reconciliation of daily charges and income. Providing direction on an as needed basis for set-up and formatting of forms and lists.

Observation and correction including but not limited to data entry and reconciliation.

Billing follow-up services
We can help you design your collection system.

Our fees and training packages




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