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Clinic Training and Medisoft Support Fees

Complete instructions sent with software purchase and additional information about maintaining and using your new software (Network Pro and Medisoft Advanced users only).
All sales are final.

The following services are optional and not required with your software purchase:
Telephone Support and Remote Computer/Network/Internet Support
Telephone: $45 Minimum (1-15 min.) $75 Minimum (16-30 min) $105 Minimum (31-45 min.) $125 Minimum (46-60 min.) per telephone call.
If you purchase one hour of telephone support in advance, the cost is $125 and can spread over multiple calls.
On-site Hardware/Network/Internet setup: $95/hr (1 hr min.) $50/hr Travel (1 hr min.)
If you are out of the Portland Metropolitan area, call for travel quote.
Remote Network/Internet setup support: $140/hr (1 hr min, by appt)
Remote Hardware Support: $100/hr, billed in 15 minute increments by appt.
Special Set-up Fee for Single User Advanced purchases: up to 2 hours remote support, $100 by appt.

Internet Support and Training Rates

Custom Internet and Telephone Training Packages
First Session: $260 for 2.5 hours (paid in advance)
Additional 2.5-hr sessions: $260
If two sessions are purchased and paid in advance, you will receive 1/2 hour of additional telephone support.
1-hour sessions: $125         2-hour sessions: $250
Data repair priced separately
You will be asked to pay for sessions the day of the service. There will be an additional $50 billing fee if payment is not made by the day of the training. An invoice for telephone support or telephone orders will be mailed or faxed. Payment is due in 5 days. An additional $50 rebilling fee will be added after 5 days.

All representatives that request services will be considered authorized by your clinic. All fees will apply.

On-site, evening (after 6PM) and weekend rates will be billed at 125% of above rates and no free tech support is available.

HCFA, statement and other report formatting is not part of your 30-day tech support or purchased support package. The fee is $50/form or more for special lists/reports. You will be billed for this service.

Definition of Terms:

Consultation: Troubleshooting, planning and problem solving with clinic owner or their designated representative regarding clinic and accounts receivable management. Including but not limited to:
  1. Front and back office procedure and policy and staff organization
  2. Timelines for billing system conversion
  3. Billing system design or changes in billing system
  4. Statistical evaluation and management
System Design: Evaluation of current billing system. Determining outcome wanted and needed to meet criterion of owner and staff. Recommendations of enhancements of current system or installation of new system to maximize efficiency and amount of information available.
System setup: Recommendation of use of fields and files in current or new system. Formatting of forms, lists, reports, and statements. Report generation to meet required needs of owner and support staff including accountants and bookkeepers.
Technical Support: Help with your software or hardware issues. Some support may be free (see above).
Training: Instructing staff in data entry, billing and report production and reconciliation of daily charges and income. Providing direction on an as needed basis for setup and formatting of forms and lists.
Session: Period of time that MMP consultant/trainer is on-site or on the telephone with staff member of clinic. Session can be a combination of services or a specific service. First session will start with consulting and review of priorities. There is not a charge for demonstrations and promotional information and material. The client will be informed when a fee for service session is in progress.

Ask about our other services including but not limited to the following (by appointment only):

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